GMV² is a firm specializing  in delegated general management, especially during key moments of change.

The vision of this "management company" in the French way is to gather advisory services and operation piloting, strategic mindset and management responsibility.


This double approach meets more particularly companies expectation which simultaneously are constrained to review their guidelines, to change their shareholding, to redefine the project for which they were established for and to improve, without any delay and on a drastic way, the performance of their daily operations.

This latter relies on a broad experience of enterprise supervision, but also on a good knowledge of the political, administrative and social environment. GMV² assistance is always extremely operational, to even include social mandates entrusting.

Its teams are focused, in any circumstance, on remaining at their client’s disposal as often as he wishes, to provide support in their thoughts and help them making decisions to cope with social, political or psychological encountered difficulties.

« Act always so as to increase the number of choices »

(The Ethical Imperative - Heinz von Foerster – 1984)

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