The firm’s mission always implies the practice of a field responsibility, awarded by the achievement of contractual targets. Formally, the mission materializes in a global assistance contract to the management.

Following the case :

either its representatives take over the direct supervision of the project or the company by taking over an executive management function and, if needed, a mandate (CEO, managing director, chairman of the Executive Board). They are put, in the frame of the contract of assistance, at the disposal of the Supervisory Board or the Board of directors of the company;

either the firm takes a part in the direct supervision of  definite projects by offering constant support to company operators (field coaching).

Whatever the kind of contracts you choose, the GMV²’s teams shall adapt constantly the ways of implementation to the progress of the situation (in production, finance, social talks, strategic marketing and communication, ... sectors), including in any urgency situation. The psychological or political dimension of the encountered difficulties is never forgotten.

The duration of mission is variable and contains most of the time several stages which are left for final approval to the concerned parties according to the evolution of the situation. In practice, the total duration of a mission may last from six months to eighteen months.

Mostly the firm provides the client with a permanent consultant whose responsibility is to put into practice, in a comprehensive way, internal expertise and external consultancy already hired by the company.

If it appears that it’s necessary to strengthen the existing team, the firm is able to provide and allocate the appropriate resources. However, it has been mostly proven than it is more relevant for the company to create the post for and to promote a member of the existing staff. Nevertheless, if an external recruitment has been finally decided, the firm takes over the research. .

For all the services provided the firm usually charges a forfeit fee after estimating the time spent. Any direct consultant’s fee is excluded even when he acts a mandate: the latter doesn’t incur any charge.