Our mission aims at providing solutions to situations, most critical, whose pattern might be as follows (non exhaustive list):


getting out of crisis due either to some setback or to some uncontrolled drift: repositioning (strategic and/or marketing), reorganization and, if it applies, industrial and social restructuring, debt renegotiation, funds seeking and, if needed, opening the capital to investors.

In extreme cases, if company wishes to benefit, under the supervision of the commercial  Court, assistance to ailing company (ad hoc mandate, conciliation, go into administration, or recovery proceedings), the firm provides support to the management of the company, its shareholders or the representatives of the Court in order to find the best solution in the interest of all parties.

Thanks to that experience, the firm is also approached by investors to complete company repurchase under bankruptcy proceedings;

mariage des cultures

maximization of the performance in preparation for a company takeover: identification of takeover opportunities, implement a consistent strategy and related tools in accordance with the detected opportunities, reorganization and reorientation of the operations in order to meet the standards in value creation and set themselves ahead of the competition;

integration of a major acquisition or merger of companies: marriage of cultures around a common project, overhaul of the organization, setting up of the new team, redefinition of success criteria, remobilization;

launch of project (start up, diversification in new activity): definition of the economic project and confirmation of its relevance, set up of the new of the team and the organization, including seeking investors, partners...

conduite à la maturité

to lead a new activity from an early stage to maturity, especially in scientific fields, or reorientation and conversion of an established activity around a new technology: profitability culture, team progressive balancing, overhaul management tools, stimulation of sales activity, build up partnerships,…;

steering the transmission of a company: studies of internal and external options, bring to the fore undervalued potential assets, seeking partnership investors, buyers to acquire a part or overall of a company.

phase de diagnostic

Following the context and the urgency, before applying these actions, there might be a diagnosis phase that may vary in terms of time.

Furthermore, the design and the negotiation of social measures aimed at compensating the consequences on the employment are part of the firm’s mission