Some references


DURALEX (manufacturer of glassware – Takeover in transfer mode)

CF2M (group of foundries – Company restructuring, seeking for investors)

ARNOULD - LEGRAND (electrical equipment – Support to company restructuring and transfer)

EADS (support to reengineering a subsidiary specialized in the light aviation and the manufacturing of aerostructures with a view to the transfer)

Group MOELLER ( German group specializing in the production of plastic components for automotive industry – French subsidiary restructuring)

BIEFFE spa ( Italian group specializing in the production of helmets and protections for professional sports – recommendation and management site lockout in France)

CREDIT SUISSE - FIRST BOSTON (industrial interest that is specialized in the manufacture of equipment and consumables for reprography – chairman of the Executive Board with a view to company restructuring and transfer)

Group AIMA (young innovative company specializing in the design and build up of cyclotrons for the medical and research sector – company restructuring, seek for investors and company re-funding)

METALEUROP SA (production of non-ferrous metals – takeover project support for a view to transfer)


TNT Automotive (Transfer study for a field site)


CAMIF individuals (Mail Order Company – company restructuring)

CACHAREL (International Trade Mark ready to wear creator – repositioning, recovery, debt reduction and seek for investors)

CAISSE DES DEPOTS ET CONSIGNATIONS (distribution of wines and luxury confectionery – General supervision)

New technology and Telecommunication

CIBOX (computer manufacturer, listed on the stock market – General supervision with a view to streamlining and company restructuring and then re-funding

ID9Prima (IT Services & Software Engineering company in the field of health – support to recovery in assignment plan

CSK Health (IT Services & Software Engineering company – takeover project support for a view to the transfer)

Habitat - Environmentt

CAISSE DES DEPOTS ET CONSIGNATIONS (treatment of waste – support to company restructuring and transfer)

UNFOHLM (report on setting up of private local services centres delegated to manage public utlities and then steering the experiment)

SAE (creation of golf and restaurant complex – support to company restructuring)

BATIBAIL ( real estate – mission with a view to diversify the trades within the area environment)

Broadcasting - Multimedia

EXMACHINA ( broadcasting postproduction company – General supervision with a view to raise capital )

Leisure – Public equipements

FINBRESCIA (amusement parks in Italy assistance to design)

SOREPARK (international amusement park Big Bang Schtroumpf – General supervision for the execution)


PUBLIC ASSISTANCE HOSPITALS OF PARIS (export subsidiary set up and management with a view to specializing it in the construction and management within that sector)


TRIBUNAL DE COMMERCE DE PARIS (PARIS CAMPUS - EPITA, establishment of private higher education in computing – recovery proceedings – ad hoc mandate and then seek for investors and support to the transfer)

Financial services

BANCA INTESA (support to the company restructuring and the merger of French subsidiaries)

CREDIT LYONNAIS (Group Emeraude, subsidiary that is specialised in the operation of casinos – general supervision presidency with a view to recovery, then a view to the transfer by CDR with a capital gain)

UIC (support to recovery proceedings of the Private Commercial Bank)